What lesson plans do you have?

Storyboard That is excited to share hundreds of lesson plan ideas and activities for teachers to use and adapt for their own lessons or projects. They can all be found on our Teacher Resources page, categorized by grade level and subject.

We have content for:

  • ELA
  • History
  • ESL
  • Health & Wellness
  • World Languages
  • Science
  • Math
  • Special Education

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans can be accessed straight from your Teacher Dashboard by either using the search bar or clicking on one of the links.

Just scroll down on the Teacher Dashboard!

Each lesson plan contains several activities and ideas on how to incorporate Storyboard That directly into your unit. 



Each activity on Storyboard That will have any applicable Common Core standards listed beside the overview, as well as a template and pre-written student instructions. 

Every single activity can be copied into your teacher account, tailored as desired, and assigned to students. 


Is there content you don't see that you wish we had available? Send us an email at hello@storyboardthat.com or fill out our feedback form!

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