Resize Images

You can make any of the images bigger or smaller!

How to Resize Images

Step 1: Click on an Object

Select an object. You will see blue and gray circles appear around your object.

How to resize object storyboard creator

Step 2: Drag a Blue Circle

Click and drag a blue circle in one of the four corners (anchor sizing handle). You can make the object larger or smaller, depending on the direction you drag the circle. The blue circles in the corners scale the image, or keep the proportions the same.

How to resize in Storyboard Software creator
How to resize objects in Storyboard That

Step 2 (Alternate): Use Hotkeys

Alternatively, you can use the shortcut keys to scale the object up or down. After selecting an object, hold the Shift key and then the up arrow key to make the object larger, or the Shift key and the down arrow key to make the object smaller.


Resize by Distorting

The gray circles (sizing handles) stretch or squish an image vertically or horizontally. The top and bottom gray circles make the object shorter or taller, and the right and left gray circles make the object thinner or wider.

How to resize in Storyboard creator software


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