My work is missing!

Symptom: I created a storyboard and now it is gone

Solution: You may have more than one account! Check out this article for help.



Symptom: My student worked on their storyboard, but their work didn't save!

Solution: The most up to date version of the storyboard may be in their save history!


Locating the Save History:

The save history is a premium feature and is included in all educational accounts. It will show you auto-saves (every five minutes after the first hard save) and any hard saves (which is when the student saves and continues or saves and exits for the session).

To check the save history on a storyboard:

  1. Have the student navigate to "My Storyboards"
  2. Select the storyboard they would like to check.
  3. Click "View Details"
  4. Click "View All Options"
  5. Click "View Save History"
  6. Choose which revision they want to edit or make a copy from

If the most recent revision is not in the save history or you are experiencing a technical difficulty, please reach out to to alert us of the issue (with the student's username) and also have the student submit a diagnostics report while they are logged in.


Something else? Contact us at! 

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