Change Storyboard Layout

The Storyboard Creator defaults to three blank cells when you create a new storyboard, but there are lots of options!


Change the Storyboard Layout

 1. Click on the Layout button at the bottom of the Storyboard Creator. 

2. A popup will appear with options to change the cell layout (left) and the layout of the entire storyboard (right).  

3. Click on the storyboard layout you want to use. You can change the layout at any time.

Storyboard Layout Options

Storyboard Template: Traditional Storyboard Layout Traditional Storyboard A traditional storyboard is most like a comic strip. The cells are adjacent and do not have special formatting.
T-Chart Layout -Compare and contrast - cause and effect graphic organizer T-Chart The T-Chart is perfect for comparisons, like “before and after” or “pros and cons”.
Grid Layout - Compare and Contrast graphic organizer Grid Use the grid to connect ideas or information!
Matrix Layout - Compare and Contrast graphic organizer Chart The chart is just like the grid, but the row title boxes are placed vertically.
Frayer Model template - Classic Graphic Organizer storyboard Frayer Model The Frayer Model ALWAYS has four cells. Typically, the titles of the cells are “Definition”, “Characteristics”, “Examples”, and “Non-Examples”, but you can change them however you like.
Timeline Layout - Timeline maker graphic organizer Timeline Show events in order on a timeline.
Spider Map - spider diagram - mind map template Spider Map Spider maps are great for vocabulary words or examples on a central topic.
Cycle Layout - Circle layout - cycle map template Cycle The cycle layout is good for recurring processes.
16x9 storyboard template for film, movies and commercials 16x9 While the 16x9 layout is intended for use with film and video planning, use this layout whenever you want a little more room.
Worksheets Worksheets / Handouts Use this paper sized layout to create printables for classroom or business use, or for some extra space for full page stories.
Posters Posters The poster layout is great for creating large scale scenes or poster projects. Select from two sizes of posters.


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