Format Text

Adding and formatting text with Textables is very simple. It is the same process when working with title/description boxes in Storyboard Layouts, too.

How to Format Text

Step 1:

Select the Textable so the typing field is visible.

Step 2:

Type in the words you want to use.

Step 3:

Customize your text! Highlight the text you want to change and select from the available options for color, size, and more.

Clicking the "More" button will expand your formatting options:

Take a look at the table below to see what each option does.

Text Box Icons


  Change the font of the selected text


  Change the size of the selected text

  Color & Highlight

  Change the color of the selected text and the highlight behind it

Line Spacing

Adjust the kerning of your text (the amount of space between lines)


Undo text formatting


Redo text formatting

  European Keyboard

  Opens a special keyboard that allows you to add accents easily 


  Select left-aligned text, center-aligned text, right-aligned text, justified text, or indent text or align to the top, middle, or bottom

Bullets & Numbering

Add bulleted lists and numbers to your textables


Bold selected text


Italicize selected text


  Underline selected text


  Put a line through selected text


  Change selected text to subscript (below the normal text line)


  Change selected text to superscript (above the normal text line)

Undo All

Undo all source formatting (great if you’re pasting text in)


Add a table

Horizontal Rule

Add a horizontal line to text


Expand or condense formatting options



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