Error when using Storyboard That

If you are experiencing problems, such as download or save issues, go to Send a screenshot to your IT Department and they should be able to see what the problem is.

If your IT Department is unable to help (or if you don't have one), click the green "Share Diagnostics with Storyboard That" at the top of the page and then send a separate email to to let us know what your issue was! We will get back to you as soon as we can. The follow-up email is super important so we know what was happening when the error occurred and can investigate ASAP.


My Students are Having Issues Using Storyboard That

Symptom: My students are unable to save their work.

Symptom: My students are having trouble logging in.

Symptom: X is or isn't happening when my students click Y.

If your students are experiencing a technical issue while using Storyboard That, we can help you help them!

If you're contacting us on behalf of your students, it's super helpful if you include the following information in your inquiry. This helps us diagnose the problem faster.

  • The student's username (note: this is different than their display name! for help finding student usernames, go here)
  • Your username & email address
  • The type of device the student is using
  • The browser the student is using
  • Students can also submit from the diagnostics page when they are logged in:
  • A screenshot of what the student is seeing when the issue occurs (if applicable)


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