Delete Teachers

If you need to delete teacher accounts for any reason, go to the Manage Teachers page.


Delete Teachers One by One

Step 1: Go to Manage Teachers page

Step 2: Click Manage next to the teacher you want to delete

Step 3: Click Delete Teacher

Step 4: Click Yes! Delete This Teacher

Check off the box if you also want to delete student accounts associated with that teacher.

Delete Multiple Teachers at Once

Step 1: Go to the Manage Teachers pageStep 2: Click Enable Delete Teacher

Under the table of teachers, you will see a red button that says Enable Delete Teacher. This button exists to avoid accidentally deleting information.

Step 3: Click Check Boxes

Select which teachers teachers you wish to delete and click on the check box at the end of their row.

You may also delete teachers individually by pressing the Delete Teacher button.

Step 4: Click Bulk Delete Selected Teachers

After you have checked off the teachers you want to delete, click Bulk Delete Selected Teachers.

Step 5: Review information.

You have the option of also deleting student accounts linked to those teachers.

Step 6: Click Yes! Delete these Teachers!

If you are sure you want to delete all of the information, click Yes! Delete these teachers!

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