Add Teachers

Note: This feature is only available to  paid multi-teacher accounts.

The administrator of a multi-teacher or school account can add teacher accounts. Contact if you have any questions.

Manually Add Teachers

Click Manage Teachers from the dashboard.

Click Manually Add Teachers.

Type in the appropriate information in the various fields.


Click Add Teacher after you have entered the information.

After you have added all of your teachers, click Next.

Storyboard That will email login information to the teachers you have added. Teachers will add students themselves.

Invite Teachers with Link

Click Invite Teachers with Link

Select the Single Sign On option your school uses, or select Teacher's Choice. The teacher will choose how he wants to log into Storyboard That. Then click Next.

A special link for your teachers will be generated. Click Copy Link to get the link on your clipboard.

Paste the link in a secure location for your teachers to access. This link is NOT for students.

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